A story about China that celebrates difference, rebukes authoritarianism, and exults in complexity. Part IV of The Annals of Bronze Age Fusion

February 2023

While waiting for my coffee to brew this morning I was skimming through Frontier Taiwan, a collection of translated Taiwanese poetry, and was delighted…

January 2023

From Neolithic dinner parties to the "vast, existential inequality" of the Shang, as told by culinary ware. Part III of The Annals of Bronze Age Fusion
This is how the new year begins: with flowers, new pens, and the cleanest of slates

December 2022

Big dings, mortuary selfishness, and the mandate of heaven: Part II of The Annals of Bronze Age Fusion

November 2022

Assuaging pre-election jitters with a sharp knife and some exuberant poetry

October 2022

What does a 3000-year-old lightshow on the streets of Chengdu really mean? Part I of the Annals of Bronze Age Fusion
In honor of the newsletter's third anniversary, here's some data to chew on and couple of amazing vegetarian Sichuan recipes.
The Cross-Stitched Pig, Part V
From North Carolina to Berkeley to Chengdu, a price-point sensitive love affair to die for. (The Cross-Stitched Pig, Part IV)

July 2022

Regular production of this newsletter was delayed over the last two weeks by the extensive preparations involved in putting together a feast for about…
A 50-year-old handwritten note weaves ancient Chinese numerology into a 1970s minicomputer