But I am nonetheless concerned about "black technology" marketing and a possibly fake British kitchen appliance company.
In a world going crazy with pandemics and authoritarianism, the "beautiful island" is showing the way
The road to Shu is hard. Harder than climbing the sky. On a Cathay Pacific flight from Hong Kong to Chengdu, in April 2019, a few weeks into the…
First: an apology. This is the longest I’ve gone without publishing a newsletter post since the inception of The Cleaver and the Butterfly. Shameful…
The following essay has an interesting provenance. Last fall, the wonderful writer Chris Colin read my newsletter post about chicken wings and…
From North Carolina to Berkeley to Chengdu, a price-point sensitive love affair to die for. (The Cross-Stitched Pig, Part IV)
A 50-year-old handwritten note weaves ancient Chinese numerology into a 1970s minicomputer
Regular production of this newsletter was delayed over the last two weeks by the extensive preparations involved in putting together a feast for about…
Or: How everything I knew about hogs in Chinese homes was wrong. The Cross-stitched Pig, Part III
China's newest trade export: the art of humiliating self-criticism
I own a cleaver made from the shrapnel of bombs lobbed by the Chinese Communists at the Taiwanese-controlled island of Jinmen from the late 1950s into…
A tale of madness, pickled mustard greens, and productivity-enhancing Confucian to do lists. Recipe included.