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Good article ..

As a foreigner living in Taiwan for the last 20 years , I know only too well how good we have it over here. And I feel blessed that I'm living in Taiwan right now. However, in all the hullabaloo, despite Taiwan getting a good deal of recognition for just how well they have handled this corona-virus crisis, it does not seem to me that foreign journalists or even local ones are actually digging into the numbers.

Every confirmed case in Taiwan is being made public by Taiwan's CDC in press releases .. and I decided to go digging into those yesterday. (I also made a spreadsheet to ensure I was accounting for every case)

Here's something that everyone seems to have overlooked (or not gone looking for).

Despite Taiwan's impressive performance limiting CoVid-19 to only 100 people as of today. The response is actually ridiculously more Herculean than that .. on a case by case basis - from what I can see - only 5 people in Taiwan have contracted the virus from a stranger (outside of 5 healthcare workers).. 29 people have contracted it locally - but only 5 are not family or friends of existing cases or professional healthcare workers exposed in the course of their jobs. This is an insane achievement. The data is here


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Dear Andrew:

Jean and I were so proud of having you as dear friend and happy to read your exquisite article of “the praise of Taiwan”.

Indeed that as being Taiwanese in origin, we are so please and praise to have such excellent leadership of President Tsai and Vice President Chen.They are not only defensing but also protecting us from China aggression and repression with military and also expelling Taiwan from all world organizations.

We sincerely appreciate your effort to write this article to inform public about the inhumanity of Xi regime. Hope that this pandemic widespread of Wuhan Coronavirus will wake up most world leaders to recognize the importance and contributions of Taiwan to the world health, economy as well democracy.

The censorship and well control in Wuhan virus are due to leadership of high level of Taiwanese government but also strong effort of Dr.Chen of head of Health and Welfare Department

Best to you with our regards.

Jean and Fong Tsai

PS: May we have your permission to share this article to our friends?

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So great to hear from you and please share it as widely as you you like!

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